Team Horsey

My current team is made up of the following...

Manager - Chubby Chandler @TeamISM
Swing Coach - Mike Walker @mikewalkergolf
Putting Coach - Phillip Kenyon (Swash Putting) @swashputting
Strength and Conditioning Coach - Kevin Duffy (Duffy Golf Fitness) @kevduffy12
Caddie - James Baker @bakesjames

The most recent addition to my team is James Baker my caddie, who started at the BMW International in 2015. Since he has come on board, I now feel I have the best in the business in every department from a personal perspective. So hopefully now, with the right direction, I can start fulfilling my potential and work my way into the Top 50 in the world.


I currently work with Kevin Duffy on my Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, whom I believe is one of the best in the business currently for knowledge and understanding of the body for golf. I have been working with him since December 2012 and have seen smooth, but game changing, improvements to my body, enabling me to be in the best shape to deal with not only moving the body properly in the golf swing, but also understanding the importance of fitness and nutrition during a tournament week.

Briefly, my fitness regime is made up of 3 main components. Cardio, Strength & Power and PRI exercises, which most of you won’t of heard about. PRI stands for Postural Restoration Institute and basically restores the imbalances your body develops during not only sport but every day activities. Overuse can cause issues throughout the body, and even more so in a sport like golf as you only use one side of the body throughout most of the movements during the swing. PRI exercises aim to balance these out, allowing you to develop a more efficient swing, not only to improve performance but prevent injury.

The Strength regime is made up of generic exercises to keep my big muscles strong, and the Power then allows me to use the strength in the golf swing. The cardio aspect I don’t feel is a necessity for a golfer, but I like to keep it ticking over to keep my brain functioning on a hot and undulating golf course, and also from a general feel good perspective. I don’t care what you say, if you feel good it definitely contributes to better performance, even just from a mental perspective.

My Golf Tip

For me, alignment and setup are the two most important things for a golfer, at any level. Even us Tour Pros need to keep a constant check on grip, posture, setup and alignment, alignment probably being the most important. Being incorrectly aligned is often the cause of most faults in the golf swing.

Aligning right for example can either cause you to start developing a draw/hook, starting the ball right of target and drawing it back online. That’s the best outcome of poor alignment to the right, the worst being subconciously trying to start the ball online by throwing your arms over the top from the top of the backswing. If you continue doing this for a long period of time, you may even start developing a push cut/slice, and never get the ball going at your target without hitting a pull, which more often than not will finish left of target. And then you haven't a clue where the ball is going. I know this, because I have experienced it in the past and have learnt my lesson.

A simple way of keeping on top of alignment is always practising with either a club shaft or an alignment stick, which are becoming more readily available these days. Get used to always having a look at your target even when using this to get a feel for where the target is in relation to how much you rotate your head, and where your left shoulder is when comfortably looking at your target.

Position the shaft/stick just inside your toe line, parallel to the target line, not directly at it. This form of practice is ingraining correct alignment, which will stand you in good stead under pressure during your club, county or national competition. To check setup and posture, I recommend first going to see a coach so he/she can tell you what to look for and what is correct. Then constantly monitor these fundamentals in a mirror, either at home or at the range, to make sure you don't slip back into any bad habits.

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